Friday, October 22, 2010

Band of merry men...

Once upon a time, long long ago, there were a band of merry men. They used to eat together, work together and in general have a good time. They were always there for each other…they solved each other’s problem..waited late for others…

The work was hectic..hours were long..the pay wasn’t good..but no one complained. Because the team spirit was there..people was united and the work was good..there was lots to learn..

As time passed, the work started getting to them, they didn’t get their just dues..and dissatisfaction creeped in..some of the merry men left for greener pastures..the group started getting smaller…

During this time, some changes happened..the merry men had to work with other people..they found it difficult to understand this style of working..there was no order..just chaos..the merry men never complained..they worked diligently..but somewhere inside, they weren’t happy..

I am one of these merry men…one from the band of Avalon…

Once Avalon, always Avalon..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bike ride!

Hey people..m back..this time with my experiences on a bike :)

FYI..I am not much of a bike my opinion may be slightly(!) biased..But hey..its my blog! :)

Now the journey began from TechM office to R city mall with my trusted (have to!) friend Krishna..The first thing that hits you is that vehicles are a lot closer to you as compared to a car..In a car, you will go very close to touching the other car..but you are still a fair distance autos and cars are zooming past you threatening to take you with them!

It was a fairly ok ride..the road did us no favours by giving us a fairly bumpy journey..I don't know how people travel everyday without getting a sore ass and/or sore knees/ankles...Maybe its the curse of the pillion rider..

But the icing on the cake was when Krishna said, "I think the brakes are not working". Heck..what's life without a bit of excitement..turns out the front brake wasn't working..So he was managing to stop the bike with a complicated manoeuvre using foot power!

Well we did return safely in one piece but it wont be something I would want to repeat in a long time!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ganpati is back..On the BWSL :)

Its that time of the year again..!! Ganesh Chaturthi is here..This year the theme was the Bandra Worli Sea Link..Hopefully the final product has turned out to be atleast similar to the original... :)

The initial plan was to make both lanes..we thought it would be easy..boy were we wrong..!! The first hurdle we faced where to place Ganpati Bappa..Finally we decided to place Him on the bridge..However that posed another set of problems..!

We decided to make the middle portion of the bridge by wood to support the idol as well as maintain the illusion of having a cable stayed suspension bridge..

After this, we were not getting ropes which suit the cables..Threads were too thin...Nadas were too flat..finally we found the right rope..We painted it silver..Hopefully the effect has come out nice..

The roads were painted..lines drawn..Now it was time to assemble the bring..(standard 4 am stuff!! )
Assembly went smoother than expected...and the bridge was ready by 6AM..finishing touches were applied.. (peeche ka curtain..aage ka covering!!) and some cleaning...and voila!! we were done!!

Another year..! Yet another miracle!! :) ) Ganpati Bappa is truly the god of miracles!! :) :) How we manage every year in 1 day is really a mystery..

It follows the same theme..scratching heads for a idea..fighting over it..finalising something..not having enuf time..getting the material..and the standard last day late night!! :) :)

Until next year..Ganpati Bappa Morya!! :) :) Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa...!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

IPL is back!

Its time for the madness to begin!!

IPL is back in its 3rd season. Its bigger, better and now back in India. This year will be the true test of this carnival on whether it can sustain itself in this format.

When IPL started out, it was a unique concept in India. But in essence, it was trying to recreate the fanaticism found in football leagues across Europe.

In its third season now, the test lies in its loyalty. Will you support your hometown? Or will you support the team for which your favorite player plays?

Whatever be the case, its time to sit back (or rather stand up!) and enjoy this festival of cricket!!