Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ganpati is back..On the BWSL :)

Its that time of the year again..!! Ganesh Chaturthi is here..This year the theme was the Bandra Worli Sea Link..Hopefully the final product has turned out to be atleast similar to the original... :)

The initial plan was to make both lanes..we thought it would be easy..boy were we wrong..!! The first hurdle we faced where to place Ganpati Bappa..Finally we decided to place Him on the bridge..However that posed another set of problems..!

We decided to make the middle portion of the bridge by wood to support the idol as well as maintain the illusion of having a cable stayed suspension bridge..

After this, we were not getting ropes which suit the cables..Threads were too thin...Nadas were too flat..finally we found the right rope..We painted it silver..Hopefully the effect has come out nice..

The roads were painted..lines drawn..Now it was time to assemble the bring..(standard 4 am stuff!! )
Assembly went smoother than expected...and the bridge was ready by 6AM..finishing touches were applied.. (peeche ka curtain..aage ka covering!!) and some cleaning...and voila!! we were done!!

Another year..! Yet another miracle!! :) ) Ganpati Bappa is truly the god of miracles!! :) :) How we manage every year in 1 day is really a mystery..

It follows the same theme..scratching heads for a idea..fighting over it..finalising something..not having enuf time..getting the material..and the standard last day late night!! :) :)

Until next year..Ganpati Bappa Morya!! :) :) Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar Yaa...!!

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shweta said...

wow!!! u guys r super-enthusiastic!!! truly miraculous :) :) :)