Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bike ride!

Hey people..m back..this time with my experiences on a bike :)

FYI..I am not much of a bike my opinion may be slightly(!) biased..But hey..its my blog! :)

Now the journey began from TechM office to R city mall with my trusted (have to!) friend Krishna..The first thing that hits you is that vehicles are a lot closer to you as compared to a car..In a car, you will go very close to touching the other car..but you are still a fair distance autos and cars are zooming past you threatening to take you with them!

It was a fairly ok ride..the road did us no favours by giving us a fairly bumpy journey..I don't know how people travel everyday without getting a sore ass and/or sore knees/ankles...Maybe its the curse of the pillion rider..

But the icing on the cake was when Krishna said, "I think the brakes are not working". Heck..what's life without a bit of excitement..turns out the front brake wasn't working..So he was managing to stop the bike with a complicated manoeuvre using foot power!

Well we did return safely in one piece but it wont be something I would want to repeat in a long time!!

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shweta said...

first of all u attempted to ride a bike...congratss!!!! n den u managed to survive a damaged one..double congrats!!!!
nw u realise 2wheelers r more thrilling than d safe-cars :P :P :P